Success Stories

Rob Forner:

Last year training for an Ironman it was recommended that I incorporate Yoga into my routine. I failed to do so thinking it wouldn’t help me. I completed my race but had some nagging injuries pop up and my performance was not as good as it could have been. Being burnt out on the 3 triathlon disciplines I decided to give Yoga a try and initially signed up for the 30 for $30 plan.

Initially I was intimidated, which is a feeling I don’t normally have, but the staff, instructors, and those that practiced around me made me feel welcome, relaxed, and excited to show up on my mat. I immediately became hooked! The radiant heat is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I leave each practice invigorated and ready to tackle the remainder of my day. I have been doing 4 classes per week now for the past 5 months and I’ve noticed that my maximum heart rate has increased by 10 bpm which means I have increased my heart rate zones allowing me to exert more energy with less impact on my body. My aches and pains have gone away. My breathing is much more relaxed and controlled. My flexibility and balance are much better producing better form on my bike and in my running stride. And my mental state of mind is such that I feel more at peace with the environment around me. As a golfer, I achieve greater rotation which has produced distances off the tee that I couldn’t achieve before.

Thank you Radiant Yoga for the positive environment. And thank you to the instructors that encourage me to be the best me that I can be that day. You’ve made such an amazing change in my life!

Tabatha Whitney:

When I arrived at Radiant Yoga I had exactly one year of yoga under my belt as well as 50 unwanted pounds. In 4 months with self discipline, encouragement and inspiration from the staff and clientele at Radiant Yoga I have changed my life by losing 50 pounds with diet and 6 classes a week. I have become a stronger person mentally, physically and emotionally. My practice at Radiant is an intense, joyful, experience that leaves me drenched in sweat and emerging with the glow of accomplishment and peace. The teachers welcome me to stretch my capabilities, while simultaneously inviting me to practice at my own level regardless of those around me. The perfect combination of motivation and acceptance, resulting in the perfect practice for me every time. Because the environment is so positive, it has become a family affair with my husband and 2 daughters joining me at Radiant Yoga. I am so grateful to have found this place to practice how to balance on my head and in my heart.

Barbara Bossung:

I started Yoga for the first time in my life at 49 years old back in January when Radiant opened. Wow! I could kick myself for not trying it sooner. It always just looked like stretching to me. Not even close. Yoga is one of the most amazing workouts that I’ve ever encountered. I am an avid tennis player, skier, and runner. Yoga can be a more challenging workout then any of my normal activities. Not only is the workout great, but the feeling of calm afterwards lasts the rest of the day. The clear mind that comes with yoga is incredible. I can also feel and see my body changing in a great way! Radiant has so many great instructors. Each comes with their own unique style so that you learn something new all the time. I can’t rave enough! I’m addicted!

Yoga Mo

Having just started Yoga in December, it has affected both my physical and mental well-being in so many positive ways. I have become so much stronger through my core which has helped alleviate my chronic lower back ache and it has fostered a more positive outlook on life. My Yoga practice has become life changing for me and I feel so fortunate having Radiant Yoga and its great staff as part of my daily routine.

Nick Anderson:

Since joining radiant yoga, I have eliminated a reoccurring shoulder problem that I have had for years after surgery, I can drive a golf ball 30 yards further, and I can go to a level of concentration that I never knew I had before. Infrared technology is the real deal!

Nicole Davis:

I am a new student to Radiant Yoga and originally had reservations about trying the classes. I was under the impression that yoga was more about stretching and flexibility or using it as a rehabilitation tool. I was definitely mistaken! The strength training that yoga provides is essential to muscle growth. The far-infrared heat is so invigorating to your body that any preceding injuries you may have will be diminished. It is a great way to revitalize your mind and body and incorporate a different workout into your daily routine. The Radiant Yoga studio is beautiful, has great instructors, a friendly staff and an encouraging environment to practice at all levels.

Dan Wojcik

The first time I came to Radiant Yoga was to heal injuries to my lower back and hip. As I started to heal I found it to be a complete and very demanding workout. I now find it deeply spiritual and a valuable way to release stress, toxins and negativity. The instructors at Radiant know how to bring out the best in me while getting rid of the worst. It has truly changed my life!

Debbie Kenny

First I have to say, thank you so much for bringing Radiant Yoga to El Dorado Hills! I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing you have been to me during one of the most challenging periods of my life. My family has been through an emotional time over the past several months and I have been using Radiant Yoga as my emotional escape. I believe that yoga is a very valuable tool for maintaining one’s health — emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Radiant Yoga community has exceeded my expectations. I can walk through the door to a community of people who don’t judge me but provide me encouragement while not even knowing it. The sense of fellowship is what keeps bringing me back during these difficult times. Because of practicing at Radiant Yoga, I’ve embraced the practice of yoga as a lifestyle change. My whole paradigm has shifted! This practice has provided me with the tools to handle not only the small waves of life, but also the much larger waves that are inevitable.

I love the Power Vinyasa flow form of Yoga, along with the Radiant heat, I feel so energized when I leave the studio. It’s truly an amazing experience. Did I say that I have without a doubt increased my muscle tone, strength, flexibility and even lost a bit of weight?

Thanks so much for taking such great care of me every single time I walk through the door!