Heart Over Head – Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop w/Blake & Shannon 2/12

Have you always wanted to learn how to fly and go upside down in your yoga practice? Do you want to invite more play into your life? Are you ready to flip your perspective with your heart over your head? Then be a YES and join Blake Mason and Shannon Leigh Lucas at Radiant Yoga for a fun and challenging arm balance and inversion workshop.

In addition to the physical and energetic gains from learning to go upside down, these challenging poses help us connect to ourselves and support one another. They help us embrace the messy and teach us the grace in falling. They encourage us to be playful. They teach us the strength in overcoming our fears and challenges and unlocking our own power and possibilities.


In this two hour workshop you will learn: how to build a strong foundation in your yoga practice, various poses and exercises to get you flying, and how to weave in arm balances and inversions into your daily yoga practice.


All levels welcome.

Saturday, February 12th, Noon – 2:00 pm

Investment – $35