Forgiveness Flow w/Emily Robinson – 10/7

Please join us for the 4th Annual Forgiveness Flow with Emily Robinson. This 90 minute donation based class will ask you to find your strength, open your heart and be a part of community Sunday, October 7th. Emily will lead the class from her own experiences in healing on and off her mat. She will openly share with you her experiences of her Father’s suicide 7 years ago. Already on her yoga journey she thought her yoga path would be tested. Instead she found grace, forgiveness and acceptance on her mat.

Unfortunately suicide is something we are all affected by whether it is speaking to our children, news of a celebrity or closer to home. No one is immune. Coming together can help take away the mystery, wonder and questions often associated with suicide. It is with truth and strength that we will bring awareness and prevention to this public health epidemic. We are teaming up with the Local Sacramento Chapter for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to raise monetary donations, awareness and energy.

One of the first steps to healing and coming into your power is forgiveness and understanding. Emily will offer you similar tools for you to find grace and forgiveness on your mat. Join us in support of others, your own journey or with a specific intention. All are welcome. Expect to be challenged in your practice. Expect to find softness in your practice. And except to find the support of community. Through healing we find grace. Together we heal.

Sunday, October 7th from 10:00-11:30 am