Candlelight Yin & Live Music 10/20

Join us for an evening of peace and relaxation as Steph Birch and Emily Robinson lead you through a yin practice of opening and softening your body. In addition, Radiant Yoga student, Roxanne Kopka, will be serenading you with her beautiful harp.

Thursday, October 20th 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Regular class rates apply





Live Movement & Music Experience 10/1

What’s better than yoga? Yoga & live music! Come join us for a one of a kind movement & musical experience crafted by Benjamin White & Alex Levy. Omni flow freestyle yoga weaves intuitive movement, vinyasa, dance, primal play, creative sequencing & heart thumping live music into a complete sensory experience that you won’t forget. Bring a friend and join us!
Saturday, October 1st 5:30 p.m.
Investment: $25

Restorative Sound Bath 10/16

Relax into a meditative soundscape of gongs, Crystal & alchemy bowls, chimes Himalayan bowls & drums. These transformational instruments invite you into a deeper state of consciousness, releasing you from external stimuli, turning your focus & breath inward, bringing deep rest, relaxation & self discovery. Vibrational sound therapy assists your parasympathetic nervous system, slowing the breath, lowering blood pressure & heart rate, releasing stress and bringing balance to your body & mind.
Please drink plenty of water before & after, wear comfortable clothing, bring yoga mat & blankets and bolsters and anything required for you to lie down comfortably.
Sunday, October 16th  4:30 – 5:45 pm
Investment – $25 advance purchase/$30 at the door 
Catrina Lessley – SoundBath Facilitator
Catrina’s lifelong love of music and body movement catapulted her to became a vibrational sound therapy certified practitioner in 2019, she found her passion & immediately began conducting sound baths and sound therapy sessions. She creates soundscapes to help facilitate meditation, relaxation and ultimately healing. Drawn to yoga in the late 90’s after being injured in an auto accident, Catrina discovered the healing power of yoga. The physical, emotional and mental transformation brought about by a regular yoga practice inspired her to become certified as an instructor in 2001. She has a long history of body movement experience which includes 12 years of ballet (four of which include dancing for the Apprentice Company for the Sacramento Ballet) three years of Tae Kwon Do, two years of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. All of these influences contribute to her well rounded teaching style that focuses on proper alignment and breathing techniques. She has been fortunate enough to travel globally to India, Nepal, Thailand and Costa Rica to teach and study yoga respectively. She realizes that continuing to learn and study everyday helps strengthen her teaching skills. Keeping in mind that we are all students in this journey called “life”. She is the owner/founder of GreenEyed Herbals a business committed to handcrafting all natural, preservative & toxin free products for your body and soul. Using organically grown herbs that she cultivates on her land or ethically harvests in the wild locally. When she isn’t practicing sound or yoga she can be found in her organic garden, hiking, paddle boarding or snowshoeing with her beloved dog on the 40 acres she calls home in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California.

Gentle Yoga & Nidra w/Kailey Herron 9/25

Gentle Yoga & Nidra will incorporate a gentle flow with both dynamic and static stretches followed by a long, guided savasana. This class will also have low heat.

4th Sunday of every month                

Noon – 1:15 pm

Regular class rates apply

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Inspired Life Yoga Teacher Training 2022-2023

Welcome home to Radiant’s 2022-2023 yoga teacher training led by Emily Robinson and Steph Birch. Teaching for more than two decades combined, they are focused on offering a training that guides students to become teachers and for everyone to remain a student of life. Both Emily and Steph are well-studied in yoga, from a traditional to a modern approach. The two of them are passionate about helping others to connect with their bodies and live an empowered life through the tools of yoga.

In this training, you will learn why yoga works and how to share this practice with others in a genuine and authentic way. This training is open to anyone that wants to teach yoga or begin to live in a state of mindfulness in each part of your life.


Through two deep immersions, you will find your 200 hour teacher training with an emphasis on building community, dedication to the practice, yoga history and yoga principles in which guide our lives. This training will be foundational and a cornerstone into teaching or taking yourself into a daily mindful practice.


You will learn:

  • why yoga works & deepening your practice
  • history & philosophy
  • anatomy, functional alignment, & effective sequencing
  • mindfulness practices (breath-work, meditation, journaling etc)
  • how to teach a dynamic vinyasa class & observe bodies in practice
  • business of yoga & how to be a successful teacher

First Immersion Week 11/4/22 – 11/13/22
Friday night, November 4th, 4:30 – 9:00 pm
Saturday, November 5th – Sunday, November 13th – 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Second Immersion Week 1/27/23 – 2/5/23:
Friday night, January 27th, 4:30 – 9:00 pm
Saturday, January 28th- Sunday, February 5th – 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Investment: Early bird pricing $2500 (sign up before August 15th)/after August 15th $2850

$500 non-refundable deposit required and full payment due by start of training on November 4th


Teacher Bio’s:

Emily Robinson

Emily began her yoga exploration almost 30 years ago. Always fascinated my meditation and mindfulness she was drawn to yoga early on. Life, career, and family pushed back her dreams of learning more about yoga until 12 years ago. She took her first teacher training 12 years ago and has been diving in ever since. Teaching for over a decade, she continues to be a student of yoga. She has studied with Janet Stone, Max Strom, Paul Grilley and continues to mentor and learn for Janet Stone Yoga. Having assisted many trainings and led retreats this will be her first co-led teacher training with Stephanie Birch.

Yoga’s roots are deeply important to Emily, as she believes the ancient practice helps our modern world. She has over 1000 hours of training and has taught over 3000 classes. Emily maintains student first for her and is always in awe of how humans show up for practice and life.

Emily is deeply rooted and has an understanding of yoga’s ancient traditions. she brings power and play to her vinyasa classes. Certified to teach many forms of asana: yin, kids, teens and prenatal. She finds her teachers come from many experiences. Including raising her children, observing others and her deep friendships.

Most important to Emily is that others always have a soft place to land, whether in a training with her or class. This does not mean easy, but it does mean safe and honored.


Stephanie Birch

Steph took her first yoga class in 2008, she was a longtime athlete looking for a challenge. From her first class, she was hooked on the physicality of the practice. After her son was born, a time that weaved with uncertainty and big life changes, she connected with yoga on a deeper level emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She discovered that yoga was a tool for connection and learned to reconnect with herself through breath, movement, and meditation. She teaches because this practice brought her back to prayer and help restore her faith in the human spirit.

Steph believes in being a student of life. She has 2000+ training hours from a variety of teachers; from traditional yoga to modern modalities. She has co-led two trainings and this will be her first with Emily. Steph has been teaching yoga full-time for 8 years in Northern California, led multiple yoga retreats and workshops worldwide. She is passionate about helping people feel connected to themselves in a meaningful way and share the tools that her teachers have passed on to her.

What you will find in Steph’s classes is a mix of science, spirit, and play. Her classes are inspired by flow state, in other words “getting in the zone” as she values discipline and growth — in which she believes builds character, resiliency and humility — a recipe for faith. You’ll explore a mix of functional movement and rhythm with the intention to keep you agile for life.

Steph is thrilled to be co-leading with Emily at Radiant Yoga. Steph says, “Emily and I both feel it’s important for people to have a soft place to land, on and off the mat.” Steph’s hope and intention this training is that students come with curious minds and open hearts — to learn, grow, and turn on a little light in the world.


Deeply Rooted – A Holy Yoga Practice, Thursdays 7:30-8:30 pm

Deeply Rooted Holy Yoga is for everyone. Come meditate, breathe, worship and move through an abundantly grace-filled class.

Holy Yoga creates an environment to connect more intimately with God through a beautiful practice of breath and movement to contemporary and Christian music. There is often a misunderstanding that yoga is a religion, it is not. Yoga is a spiritual discipline, much like prayer, fasting and meditation. Yoga has the capacity to enhance our personal beliefs and faith.

Thursdays from 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Donation based

Congratulations Assisting Training Graduates!!!

Congratulations to our new graduates from Radiant Yoga’s Assisting Training with Kailey and Sam! We are so excited and grateful to have more assistants in our classes! Please congratulate Christine Beecher, Cassey Wagner, Adreanna Campini, Becky Hobgood, Tim Lockwood, Wendy Mather, Donna Olson, and Allie Schatzman when you see them around the studio sharing and extending love!


FREE Beginner’s 101 Workshop – 10/9

Learn the basics of Power Vinyasa Yoga all in an afternoon!

In this workshop you will learn the alignment of the basic poses of the practice and discover how to connect your breath with your movements so you can begin to “flow”. This interactive workshop has Q&A and hands-on instructor demonstrations for a better understanding of each pose and modifications for the body. If you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner this workshop will take your practice to a whole new level.

The 2nd Sunday of every month from noon – 2:00 pm


This is a FREE workshop

*Sign up under class schedule