6 Weeks of Mindfulness – Starts October 13th

Join Emily for a 40 day program at Radiant Yoga. This offering will encompass what Emily has been taught by her teachers in her over 1000 hours of training and devotion. This program will be deeply rooted in yoga traditions with a modern twist to keep it manageable for our every changing western world.

Broken into 10 day segments this program will include five (75 minute) in person meetings every 10th day (only one meeting may be missed to offer the full benefits of the program for you and everyone included).


Practice, reflections, journal prompts, emails for accountability, as well as access for questions throughout the program will be included.


The focus will be:

  • Discipline: Finding and committing to mindfulness. Daily rituals: movement, ritual and study.
  • Letting go: Unearthing our true selves and letting go.
  • Foundation: Learning new ways in which to interact and walk the earth in relationship with others and ourselves. (careers, parenthood, partnerships)
  • Creating: Creating a sustainable mindfulness practice going forward.

Meeting Dates:

October 13th @7:30
October 24th @4:30pm
Nov 3rd @7:30
November 14th @4:30pm
December 1st @7:30PM



$208 Early Bird (advance purchase by 10/1)/$248 after 10/16