Omni Flow: Primal Movement Alchemy Workshop w/Ben White

This workshop is designed, but not limited to, teachers looking to expand their teaching gifts, access their unique creative flow and even more important, create a truly memorable experience for their students.

Topics we will dive into:

  • Presence over perfection –the essence of just being in it
  • Nervous system integration –how to use creative spinal mobility warm ups to stimulate the brain body connection and decrease risk of injury to our joints
  • Silence is golden –the clarity to see the next right choice
  • All you need is breath –playing with pranayama
  • Dynamic creative sequencing –tempo variation, musicality, movement outside the box
  • Abracadabra –We create as we speak. What’s the message/experience being felt, how cueing can make or break a dynamic class
  • Primal movement alchemy –how everything we experience is processed thru the movement, the stillness…the music, the silence…this life, this breath…this moment!

This is Yoga alliance YACEP -10hr Hands on CEC course


Saturday, November 14th & Sunday, November 15th         

Noon – 5:00 p.m.

Investment – $199